Monica Mattos Horse

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When it comes to the old saying “no holds barred”, Monica Mattos horse videos should be the first thing that comes to mind. This cutie truly has no limits when it comes to what she will do in front of a video camera. Before coming to the United States in 2005 to jump start her porn career, Monica Mattos stared in a number of hard core scenes in the two years prior. So hard core that Monica Mattos horse videos may have landed her in jail had she performed them in the United States. Thankfully they are all perfectly legal in Brazil. Monica Mattos videos show her fully enjoying herself in scat, urine, vomit, deep insertions, simulated rape, midget sex, and fisting scenes. If it is not obvious by now, Monica Mattos videos are for the hard core porn enthusiast only. Wait, wait, wait,
I have not even gotten to the most hard core scenes she has done. Yes there is more! The most disturbing (depending on your tastes) of all would be the lesbian golden shower scene with a crazy ninety year old woman.
Monica Mattos horse videos are not for the faint of heart. The most shocking of Monica Mattos porn scenes, proving that she truly has NO boundaries was the Salvar Productions film that featured Monica Mattos performing oral sex on a horse. No that is NOT a typo, I said a horse. You read that correctly. Of course the scene ended with a truly amazing amount of cum all over the kinky porn star. Monica Mattos horse videos show a sexual free spirit enjoying herself no matter what she is doing. Her super model looks and soft spoken demeanor make her even more irresistible. Monica’s Matto’s dedication to anything kinky has lead her to become some what of a celebrity in her native country of Brazil. She has had a number of appearances on various talk shows in Brazil. She continues to work with both United States and Brazilian production companies. She has worked with Wicked Pictures, Penthouse, and the aforementioned Salvar Productions. Monica Mattos videos of lesbian golden shower sex scenes with an elderly woman and Twenty-four straight minutes of oral sex with a horse have solidified her place in the adult industry as the kinkiest women around. If not, this Brazilian bombshell named Monica Mattos is definitely in the top three. God bless Brazil.

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